Sunday, July 19, 2015

Menu Planning 2.0

Before we move back to my parent's home, I do a weekly menu for me and hubby and it made my life so easy. It saves me time and money. So, when we finally settled in, My sister and I had a discussion on re doing my menu good for 6 people (including 2 lunch pack) for 5 days. Weekend meals are cook by my dear brother-in-law. 
Breakfast and lunch pack for my sister and husband are the same. Our breakfast usually start at 7 until 9 am (depend on how long our chitchat while eating) and because of that, we usually skip cooking lunch and just eat whatever is available when hunger strikes. I was lucky to stumbled this beautiful and fillable weekly menu planner by the project girl. Her printable menu planner make sense to me because I love how straight forward it looks and it gives me enough space and the best of all, I can also list the ingredients needed. Very cool. How about you? Do you do a weekly or monthly menu planning? How is it working for you?


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