Monday, August 17, 2015

Week In The Life 2015 | Monday

A glimpse of our Monday. I intentionally took few photos because I'm too lazy to browse tons of it, only to have few to represent the day. There are moments with no photos at all. Stories of our lives that I prefer to capture by words.

The photo above is what we usually do after hubby left for work.We spent an hour or two just chilling in our bed then I tidy up the room before I start preparing the main breakfast. 

      Cook hubby's pack lunch then we have a quick breakfast. 

I've been enjoying reading stuff on twitter. My new morning habit. 

Our main breakfast. I reheated the food my relatives sent us. Peppermint tea for me while coffee for my Mama. 

My fur kids breakfast. Usually beef dog food and rice. 

This is my second tablet passed off by my Mama and because most of the downloaded apps are base on my Mama's need, I had to erase all the data and restore it to default setting so it will run like new.

Lunch time habit. Watching Eat Bulaga. Waiting patiently for their segment "KalyeSerye"

Avocado Ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, this is where they usually hang out while waiting for their Dad to come home. 


  1. Love the digi stamps. Great pics!

    1. Thank you Mel. You can download the Everyday Word Art Kit for FREE upon registration to their site.

    2. The other stamp is Writer's block volume 2 by Paislee press



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