Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A house full of dogs

Our house is not only filled with love but also with dogs. Yes, my family is a dog lover. We have 7 (4 girls and 3 boys) rumbustious but sweet dogs who loves to play around the house, sleep on the couch and chase cats in our front lawn then go back inside the house with dirt in their paws. The playing is OK with my mom (who loves to keep the house clean) but the dirt they bring in is a big no-no. My mother asked me if I can search online for pet shoe boots and luckily, I stumbled SAMMYdress. I was surprised to know that they have a wide range of products not just clothing for women. That made me and my mom happy. I end up spending a couple of hours window shopping. I really had fun browsing. I asked my mom to list down the items she think we need for our dogs. Want to know what we pick? Read on. 

Here's our favorites from SAMMYdress fur babies stuff:

Our dogs loves a good massage when they take a bath and I'm definitely sure this will be their favorite reward for behaving nicely while taking their weekly wash and its pink (which happens to be my favorite color) A steal for $2.03! I can't wait to use this

Our fur boys shed a lot and I mean a LOT. Sometimes the amount of hair I collected while swiping the floor drives me crazy. This will be a great help for me to keep my sanity.
I adore this cutie. This is what my mom want for our fur babies. It's so cute and I want one for myself, If only I can fit to it! LOL.

A lot of good, cutie, stuff for my fur babies on SAMMYdress. I wish and hope I can buy them all but my mom have a budget for only a few.  



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