Monday, September 07, 2015

Malunggay Pesto Sauce

Basil is my ultimate favorite herb but I don't have the green thumb to keep it alive. Buying them every time I need it would be a costly idea in the long run. Good thing, My mom have a Malunggay tree that is a good alternative for basil and freely available in our small balcony garden. In an instant it became my favorite for homemade pesto sauce and it have tons of health and medicinal uses especially now that my sister is pregnant.

I first read Malunggay pesto recipe from a local food magazine I religiously buy. I got excited and immediately gathered the ingredients. Well, after slaving my self in the kitchen, I was heartbroken because I failed miserably. I followed the instruction carefully but still, I end up having a bitter pasta that night. It was a waste and honestly, I was discouraged. I asked myself what went wrong? Did I missed a step? an ingredients perhaps? That questions drives me crazy for awhile until I had the so called "light bulb moment" I remember eating  Tinolang manok with malunggay. It doesn't taste bitter. It might work. It did work. I never look back since then. It became my go to pesto sauce recipe. I also learned my lesson. Never trust a recipe to work 100% because there's always a secret step that the cook do but refuse to share. 

In this recipe, that is the secret step. boiling the leaves for a few minutes then drain. Combine the malunggay leaves with minced garlic and olive oil*** and process until smooth. Transfer to a clean airtight container. Refrigerate sauce until ready to use.

***depend on  your taste. For me, I used 1 garlic bulb then half a cup olive oil. Salt and pepper are optional. Adjust according to your taste. 


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