Sunday, October 25, 2015

Been busy with...

a few things here and there. I created or should I say revived an old blog and turned it into a shop for physical products such as fabric flowers, scrapbook papers, samplers and recently fabric bouquet while the ecwid shop will be for digital products only. 

This is not the simplest set up at first but after a day of tweaking and uploading, I can say that, this was worth the time I spent on my computer table. You can check my sidebar for the products that are currently available in both shop. 

I'm also drafting a post about what I've been up to for the past two weeks while I (including my family) had a tough battle with a virus that refuses to leave us alone. It was one nasty virus that became the reason of me rupturing my eardrum. More on that in my next blog post, In the meantime, I'm enjoying the Tamang Panahon replay that I happen to watched live on TV this afternoon. Seriously, It was EPIC. 


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