Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Cocoon Ebook Reader

Last June, before the moved, Hubby and I went to HMR to checked if this e-reader is available. Unfortunately, the time of our visit, it was out of stock but another brand was available and so with the price tag of Php 790.00 or $16.95, it was a good deal.

What I really like about this reader is, It's not touch screen and the buttons are simple and easy to navigate. It didn't come with a manual (which is, totally fine with me) because its easy to figure it out anyway.

The e-books are listed by author and title but when you open a book, the cover will appear and the book will move up to the top with all the information you needed to remember like, the last time you read it and which page you are.

Lastly, the best thing about this simple e-book reader is, it has a bookmark function. I love to write down those memorable lines (or in this book, recipes) and just remembering them would be a disaster (given I have a memory gap) so, that function is a big help to me.


Cocoon is one of the many product brand of WinPlus Australasia. A wholesaling company that operates in Boronia, Melbourne, Australia while HMR Philippines, is a surplus store located in Madaluyong city (they also have other branches within the metro and in the province)

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