Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Paper vs Digital Books

I've been reading like forever and during my college days, I was able to accumulate tons of books more than my bookcase can accommodate. I had to give it up by selling some of it and those that was left, are in my Auntie's house, arranged neatly and have their own bookcase. I thought that was the end of my buying spree but the smell of reading materials is so hard to resist especially those old books from my favorite local second hand bookstore, Booksale.
Going there and browsing for hours is the best way to unwind and relax after a day's work. Then, without me realizing, it happened. I'm out of space again. I was heart broken and did what I need to do. I give them away and just picked my favorites. I promised myself to stop from buying then, I discovered e-book and I was over the moon. 

My problem is solved. Tons of books+endless space equals happy me. The idea of me carrying books without breaking my back is so irresistible especially when I'm travelling. It's also available immediately for downloads in my favorite online store. No more waiting. There are tons of reason why I prefer e-books over paper that I can list here, but my love for paper will always be in my heart and soul. Nothing beats the smell and feel of book in my hands. So, if you ask me which is better? My answer is both. Either paper or digital have the same effect on me. No contest there.


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