Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Virus wont leave us alone

My whole family (including my pregnant sister) is having a tough battle with a cold that refuse to leave us alone. It all started last week, when my father meet her aunt and cousin over coffee. His cousin had a cold at that time and you know what happen next. My father after an hour or two of exposure, got the virus and the next morning it was passed on to my mother. 2 days later, I got it and hubby got it from kissing me. We immediately avoided my sister to keep her from getting the virus but it was so strong that she end up getting it as well. We drank tons of water, orange juice and even multivitamins to keep our immune system strong but seriously, as of this writing, we still have it. I'm having a hard time sleeping at night due to nasal congestion and the worst part is, I started coughing with phlegm and my throat hurts like hell. I cant laugh because every time I do that, I ended coughing so hard that I vomit afterwards. I hate you virus. just go away and leave us alone. 


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