Monday, November 23, 2015

Birthday+Gender Reveal

Today is special. It's my mom's birthday and my sister gender reveal. I created a digital layout for her last night. It's been awhile so I used a template I got for free at Scrap Orchard. I posted this at her facebook timeline this morning and she loves it.

We had a simple lunch after they came home from my sister's prenatal checkup. As my gift to her and to my sister, I baked two moist chocolate cakes. Even my not-into-dessert-father love this cake. It was seriously intoxicating and deadly addicting. No fancy ingredients. Just the basic but there are couple of tricks that I keep.


Two weeks ago, I created a digital layouts for my sister gender reveal. I had fun creating these two using commercial use elements.

I'm hoping for a girl because I want to make those cute baby headbands using our fabric flowers but a boy is also fine with us, knowing my father loves to have a baby boy but failed to produce and have us instead. A boy for a grandson would make him really happy although he told us that as long as the baby is healthy, his fine with any gender. Then the day came. The wait is over just in time for my mom's birthday.

Baby xyz (no baby name yet) was seen by my mom and sister in 2d and 3d scan. At first, I had a hard time recognizing the face but when my brother-in-law posted this in his ig account, That wonderful face I didn't recognize awhile ago was finally revealed. It was amazing. I can't describe the emotion I felt but it was something I will remember for the rest of my life. That first smile is beyond me.

Mom blew her candle while my sister reveal the gender of her baby. It was a boy. We can't wait to see him next year.


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