Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Japan Junk Thrift Shop

As I mentioned here, We finally able to know baby xyz (still no name) gender and the shopping for baby supplies is easy and fun now but the expenses is another thing. That's why my sister and I asked and searched for an online support group of moms and moms-to-be for tips on where to buy and what to buy. They highly recommended Japan Junk Thrift Shop along J.P Rizal st. corner Pililia st., Makati city which is 1 taxi ride from our house. 

The building where the shop is located was easy to find but also easy to miss. OK that statement is kinda contradicting. Let me explain. The shop is inside a building with a clear signage but if you don't have a hawk eyes (like us) you might miss reading the signage and next thing you know you end up at the next street or your already in front of the building but you can't find where it is just like what happened to us. 

Fortunately, there's a vendor beside the entrance of the building who is kind enough to direct us where we supposed to enter. 

The shop is at the 2nd floor, the clear door at the left. Upon entering this is what you will see. Treasures. Tons of baby treasures.The feeling of seeing this is too intense to describe that if diving at that time is allowed by the management, I might dive on this because of too much happiness. It is pure joy to visit this kind of place that's why before I continue let me share a few words of wisdom to first time visitor of thrift shops.

  • Don't expect air-conditioning space and dust free items ever. because if you do, you are at the wrong place and thrifting is not for you. Malls were built for that reason. The place is big enough to accommodate their stocks and customers. You can move around without tripping into something. I was busy roaming around and checking their items. I wasn't able to notice if they have an open fan at that time but we came out still feeling fresh. 
  • Don't be judgmental. 9 out 10 people I encounter at the thrift shops are well to do in life. They have the money to buy in full price but instead they choose to be wise with their money. A deal is a deal. Especially if it's a good deal. 
  • Thrift store items is used but most of it is surprising “barely used,” virtually indistinguishable from new.
  • Thrift store is disorganized and items are hard to find. very true but look closely, and you will be amazed that they are actually organized but not to your expectation. 
  • Thrift shopping is sanitary. I know there’s the icky factor of having someone else's items but when you go to thrift stores, you clean/sanitize the items before you use them. However, when you purchase new items, I bet you sometimes don’t clean them before using it, do you? You use them right away. You don’t know who or how many people touched it before you. That's why I appreciate the owner and its staff for wrapping the items in a sturdy plastic bags to keep it from getting dust just like what you see in the picture below.

The staff who assisted us suggested that it's best to go there with pictures of the items you intend to buy because it will be easier for both the staff and the customers to find what they're looking for. It makes sense because as you can see (picture above) there's no way we can leisurely check each stroller just to find what we want. Their staff are very kind and helpful and the owner gave us a discount for the crib (from Php3,500 to Php 3,300) while the combi multi-purpose high chair for Php 2,200 and soft toys for Php 200.00 and that's a really good deal compare to mall price.

and here it is. Just came out from it's plastic cover. There's no trick with this picture. We really bought them at the thrift shop.


  1. i always love good finds from garage sales and the likes, but i've never been to a thrift shop.. i would love to, hope i can find some here.. :D

    1. Yeah, you should try it next time. We had fun. :)



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