Sunday, March 20, 2016

Buns & Sticks

We were not planning to do anything last night, but it was one of those spur of the moment cravings for burger and fries that made us drop by at Buns and Sticks along Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy Pitogo, Makati. 

The owner of the place happened to be a friend of my husband's office mate and they've been there quite often and sometimes they call for delivery. The place is near their office and opens from 5 pm until their stocks are sold out. 

From our home, It was a two jeepney and one tricycle ride but hubby and I decided to just skipped the tricycle and walked instead. Along the way, we were able to pass by previous houses where I used to live (3 of them) and reminisce how time changes everything. It was a nostalgic walk. I was taken back to my childhood days and memories started rushing back all at once. We were cruising down memory lane and I can't help but smile while walking. 

We we're lucky because before the stock ran out, we managed to order four B&S Cheeseburger (two were take out), one Onion Rings, Ice Tea and Root beer. Hubby originally wanted the pulled pork but it was already out of stock and because this trip will not be the last, he decided to just order the same thing and reserved the other items for our next visit. 

All burger orders come with fries and you can bundle it up with soft drink when you add 12 pesos. To me, It was love at first bite. My expectation when it comes to big burgers is somewhat low because the first big burger I ate was not a pleasant one (will not mention the name of that establishment). It was raw inside due to it's size or maybe they just don't know how to cook it properly. After that experience, I lost interest until hubby shared this recent food find. The serving was huge and good for two except, if your companion is so hungry he/she can have all this goodness by him/her self.

I had doubts in the beginning if I can consume it all but I did. One bite and I'm hooked. The burger patty is not too salty, not too sweet, not too peppery. The taste is just right. It neither burnt outside nor under cooked inside. It was cooked to perfection. The cheese sauce and the mayo were just enough and the vegetables were all fresh. Toppings and sidings doesn't compete with the patty instead they complement each other. The plates are all clean when we left because I feel guilty leaving the crumbs all by themselves in my plate. hahaha. :)

I love the fact that they provide plastic gloves so customers can eat it with their hands allowing them to experience eating burger with all the fillings together in perfect harmony. I seriously can't believe that my camera survived capturing our food without me dropping it.  That's how good it is. I was eating with my left hand and taking a decent pictures with my right hand. 

They served their drinks in mason jars. So organic, rustic and charming. My kind of thing. 
I love onion rings and their onion rings were great. It was huge and crunchy and one order is good for two. Their burger really captures my doubtful heart. It made my stomach full without the feeling of heaviness. The owners were friendly and accommodating and without a doubt we will go back there again.
postscript: The burgers we took home were supposed to be for my sister but she was already asleep when we arrived. I put the burgers in our fridge in it's original take out packaging. This morning, we had it for breakfast and we still have leftovers that's why i put it back then this afternoon, we had it again, and we were surprised to find out that it did not dry up. The taste and the texture is consistent. 


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