Taco rice with Garlic Sugpo

July 24, 2016

I first read it from Chotskibelle illustrated journal dated May 19th. I got curious and asked her for the recipe. After a few days, she posted this yummy illustration of taco rice. Originally, The veges ( tomatoes and lettuce) are not cook but I'm doubting if my lola will like it that way, So I decided to just stir-fry them all together and to my surprise, my family loves it! Simot sarap. ☺🍴🍚

Note: Garlic Sugpo is my own recipe. 

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  1. Mukha siyang masarap!!!!! Just curious, where did you buy the taco powder?

    1. Sa Landmark grocery (Makati). McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix. :)


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