Friday, October 07, 2016

Makati Post Office

A Disclaimer: Before I start, let me clearly state that this is based on my own experience and this is not a paid post to promote Philpost. 

Two months ago, I shared  my first Etsy experience and promised to do another post about shipping with Philpost and how was their service. Am I satisfied? Would I recommend it? Did the horror stories about them be true? Let me answer my question one by one. 

I placed an order on Chotskibelle's shop on June 02 and She shipped the item on June 07 via registered mail with a tracking number and after 2-3 days my parcel will be here. That didn't happen. I contacted the shop owner on the 15th of June because I'm a bit worried and I would like also to inform her that the parcel is still not here. She sent back the tracking number and I double checked on Philpost website

True enough, the parcel arrived after 2 days and en route on the 11th of June to Makati post office. I felt relieved, although it's already on the 15th of June. So I waited for another week. No parcel came. My worries become a reality and I am saddened by the failure of expectation. I contacted the seller and told her the bad news. That transaction will be my first and last in her shop until I figure out another shipping option. What irritates me the most, is the knowledge that my parcel was already here, but stocked in the post office and there's nothing I can do but wait and search online about other people's experience. (I don't recommend this because it triggers more negative energy) I waited for a few days more and when the parcel or a note from them didn't arrive, I decided to give up and move on but on the 14th of July, I was surprised to receive a claim notice from them of my parcel after more than 1 month of being stocked with them. Honestly speaking, I was speechless while the mailman hand over the card to me, but deep inside I was doing this. I can finally claim my parcel. 

The following day, I and Hubby went to the Makati post office. I used to do snail mail back in the days when Philpost mailbox where everywhere. I did not have the chance to actually claim or visit the Makati central office until that day. 

We arrived there around 2:30 in the afternoon and the place was cooled by fans in different areas. It looks clean to me and well-lit.There's already a line of people in the claiming area and in front of the counter, there were available chairs that you can sit while waiting for your name to be called. I asked hubby to sit while I line up. I brought my SSS Id and 112 pesos (postal fee) The staff, I encountered was pleasant, quick and nice. The whole transaction lasted for 30 minutes without any issue. I did a happy dance in my mind with hubby.  

And before we leave, I also sent my snail mails to friends here and abroad. 

   Let's go back to my questions, awhile back.
  • Am I satisfied? Yes. (because the parcel arrived safely and complete) No. (because the waiting game and additional fees are insane)
  • Would I recommend it? Yes. Because the shipping fee is cheap and since then I've been there a couple of times to send my snail mail and everything (with the exception of 1 letter) arrived safely and intact. But don't take my word for it, as they say, "send at your own risk"
  • Did the horror stories about them be true? Partially true, but over-all I'm satisfied that's why I still used their service.


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