Friday, November 25, 2016

Around Here

It's been a busy week for me here. I've been teaching craft classes for awhile now and I still feel nervous. Like doing it for the first time and meeting new people (although some of my students are already regular students of mine) always makes me happy. 

The 123 punch board demo was a success and I received positive and heart-warming feedback from the participants. We will do another round of demo in January. 

The same day, I also facilitate a birthday art class. We did 2 Christmas ornaments, a bookmark, and a Christmas Card. We all had fun. I realized (my first time to taught) that kids can be challenging to handle compare to adults (which happens to be my comfort zone) but they  are so smart these days that giving instructions to them are the same as giving instructions to an adult. They get things easily and do things more creatively.  So much to learn from them. If you're interested in kiddie entertainment for your parties, please  let us know by email.

Another batch of Malunggay pesto sauce that we all love because not only it cost us nothing (we have Malunggay tree on our terrace) it also so yummy and healthy. 

My nephew is eating solid food now and we are so happy because baby S is not a picky eater. He has his favorite (pear and potatoes) but those he didn't like he still eat it. When he likes a certain food all he does is smile (like) or smirk (don't like) while eating. 

I've been wanting to buy a full-size paper trimmer but I'm having trouble picking which brand. It took me awhile. seriously. Then, a friend attended one of my craft class and brought a WRMK Trim & Score Board. I like the idea of scoring and trimming using one tool without occupying much space in my table or craft bag but there are some issues that I'm going to share when I do a product review. 

Stazon has been on my to buy list for like forever and I'm happy to be able to get this in my favorite office supplies store at 30% less than the regular price from the well known local scrapbook store. 

I open again my ecwid shop (digital products) and currently all products are on sale.

Happy Weekend everyone. Cheers!


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