Saturday, November 26, 2016


Every Week, I'll be sharing some of my favorite links. I hope the roundup inspires you.

  • This might sound and taste weird but I love dipping chicken pops in chocolate 
  • I'm happy to own a 123 punch board. Now, I can make my own gift boxes and bows. But there are times, I want to level up my gift wrapping skills. I'm looking for something shabby and chic and beautiful. Something like this
  • What's your breakfast? Mine is 2 glass of water, a cup of tea, pandesal filled with my favorite peanut butter or Hazelnut spread, and an egg (sunny-side up) and sausage. 
  • This week, I discovered a new Instagram shop, Bowtology. She sells wonderful blank notebook that I really love to use for my daily doodles. 
  • This video made me cry a bit. Such a touching story. 


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