Friday, January 13, 2017

Around Here

Hello and Happy New Year! 2016 had been a blessings to me and to my family and I love every minute of it. I'm excited for 2017 because of several things (keeping a secret is really hard) that will make some goals off my list. Yay! It's going to be fun and amazing. I can feel it. 

Did another round of 123 punch board demo and had lunch with one of them after the class to discuss business tie-up. I'm seriously excited for this collaboration. Something new for me to try and to be honest, I might end up loving it. 

I did my first ever sponsored giveaway by RawSpiceBar and it was a success. This will not be the last. :) 

Oat_mnl sent me their latest product and I was smitten. It was beautiful and shiny and beautiful (did I said that word again???) and I love it so much. As always the craftsmanship was amazing. I will do a full product review soon. :)

Art and crafts haul from National Bookstore. 

Did a big order of my friend's Gourmet Tuyo and I can't stop raving these to people and craving at the same time. I cooked my favorite pasta recipe and add a bottle (the spicy flavor) and it blew my mind. It was a perfect pair. So so good. No kidding.  

Hubby bought me a Cuttlebug machine as his christmas gift and as a result, I hoard Kelly Purkey's Stamp+Dies set. Left to Right: Planner Banners, Labels Stamp and CutTo Do List, and Everyday Clips

Bowtology personally gave this lovely kraft inserts as her christmas gift to me and I'm loving it. I will do a review of this amazing product. 

Playing with my Alpha Stamps for my 2017 Opening Page. 

Little guy is growing so fast. He loves to go outside just like her mom. 

Happy Friday everyone. Cheers!


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