Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hello! Happy Sunday. I'm happy to share a product that If not sent to me for free, I'd be glad to buy it for myself because I strongly believe that when a product is made with lots of love, it should be shared to family and friends.

Last month, I shared my first ever 2 Tone Travel Journal from Oat_mnl. Today, I'm sharing another Travel Journal from them and it's this oh so beautiful Rose Gold Travel Journal Set. According to my friend, this is her Christmas gift to me (as if the 30 pcs bags and accessories they sent were not enough gifts) and I'm the first one to have it! I was like, seriously??? I am blessed to be spoiled by friends. :) 

The Journal set was packed in this beige slipcover with personalized  tag (They can write the owner's name if they want to)

The set includes 2 inserts, 1 charm of your choice, 1 pen clip, and a slip cover.

This beautiful travel journal was made of Vegan leather and the two inserts (handmade by local notebook makers) in the photo was actually one of the special extras that you can buy individually. The regular 2 FREE inserts which I already used and tested in my other Travel journal was actually really good and the papers are superior in quality.

Small detail like how each insert was wrapped in this simple and classic label made me feel special.

I smelled the papers out of habit

Every front page of the dotted insert have their logo and I love it so much.

I honestly can't stop running my hands over the soft and exposed back of vegan leather. Also, I intentionally tore off (yeah, I did that for testing purposes) some pages to see if the stitchings will still hold the remaining half pages and I'm happy to share that it did not fall off until I deliberately disentangled the remaining pages. 

I like the idea of removable pen clip

at the back of each inserts the logo was embossed ( gold on kraft/dotted insert and copper on black/plain insert)

Because of the smooth surface, my Kuretake - ZIG - Clean Color - Real Brush Marker slides like butter and no bleeding. I love it as much as my 2 Tone Travel Journal and for only 495+SF, it's a good deal and to be honest, my photos didn't give enough justice on how beautiful looking this Rose Gold Travel Journal Set. If you're going to give this as a gift, I assure you, they will love you more. :)

*Note: If you are living in the Philippines and want to order their products, You can visit their Instagram account for inquiries. 


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