Monday, January 23, 2017

Rally's Gourmet Tuyo by Love

If you're a regular reader here, You know how much I love home-cooked meals and any brand that is less unhealthy, I'm definitely eating that. One of my dear friend own Rally's Gourmet Tuyo and 2 weeks ago, I ordered a big batch of her oh-so-yummy-and-I-can't-get-over-it gourmet tuyo and our stock as of this writing are all gone. I actually have a new order and I can't wait for it. 

Left to Right: Spicy and Garlic

What I really love about her version are the following:
  • 100% Tuyo. Most of the Gourmet Tuyo available online and in the grocery that I see are either swimming in oil or have tons of vegetables included. Excessive oil and vegetables mean filler to me and I don't want that. I want the meat, not the fillers. 
  • The tiny bottle fits everywhere. I love the idea of how small it is. It fits my husband lunch bag, my bags from Oat_mnl, and it takes up less space in our refrigerator (well, if we don't order in big batches, which I doubt will ever happen to us, that is possible.) 
  • Lunch/Dinner on the go. Because it fits everywhere, you can also bring it anywhere. A perfect companion when your traveling. We actually order a couple of bottles for my brother in law to be brought back to Boracay and guess what? He ends up consuming his stack and only came back to Boracay with 1 bottle. 
  • A perfect Gift for loved ones and friends and anyone you like to impress.  Because it is carefully sealed and pack, It can be sent as a gift here and abroad. 
  • Cooked to perfection. Her version of Gourmet Tuyo with no exaggeration is seriously good. I mean, my sister is having a hard time deciding whether she wanted to consume it all in one seating or eat it in small portions. That's how good it is.  
  • Cooks foolproof and dependable companion. I love to cook (I assume, you know that by now) and sometimes I'm lazy to do it. That's why this is going to be a regular ingredient in my pantry from now on. When I cooked my Tuyo Pasta below, I didn't need to add extra seasoning. I just rely on the saltiness of the tuyo and the best part, It's already flake. Less work for me. It was perfect. My family loves it so much.

For this Pasta dish, here are the ingredients (no exact measurement) Cooked pasta, 1 bottle of Rally's Gourmet Tuyo, Minced Garlic, Olive Oil, Pamplona Sausage, Pimiento, Black Olives and topped with Blue Cheese.


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