Thursday, February 23, 2017

Around Here

Been super lazy these past few days due to cold weather. All I want to do is lie in bed and sleep all day but I can't. I'm currently doing personal projects that I need to finish this month. Someone wanted me to make mini albums for his other half but I decided to decline. It would be too reckless on my part to have too much stuff on my plate. I don't want to gamble. Anway, I gave him an option to ask me again next month.

I'm so happy to be able to share my love for memory keeping by accepting CNN Philippines Real Talk invitation to guest on their show. Last year, I was invited by another network to do the same thing but, I'm too shy to see myself in front of the camera so, I declined even at the back of my mind, I'm thinking that invitation may never happen again. I don't want to say yes when I'm not ready. This time, I am very much ready even if it scares the hell out of me. I remember watching their show one time and I asked myself what does it feel kaya to be a guest on their show? Two months later out of the blue, I got my answer. It was amazing! All their staff and the hosts are very professional and friendly. They made me feel at ease on camera. The experience was incredible. I'm also happy that my dear husband and friend, Alma (the other half owner of The Crafter's Marketplace) were able to accompany me. Without them, I'm all over the place cramming.

A bit of shopping here and there. Maped colored pencil sharpener specifically designed for colored pencils and I plan to use it with my watercolor pencils. Zig twin tip blender marker I love the look of blended/realistic colors in doodles, but I'm intimidated with mixing it without using a blender. I bought my first blender at The Crafter's Marketplace because it was not yet available at the time of my visit at National Book Store then when I got back, they have it na. Finally. Prima Watercolor Brush I love paintbrushes for watercolor because it gives me more control with the water flow but lately most of the craft artist I've been following are using water brush like this one. I wanted one for myself but I've been on the fence for so long because of people having an issue with leaking among others.  I refuse to buy this kind of brushes until my dear friend Sunshine of The Crafter's Marketplace recommended it and I'm really glad she did. Faber-castell Watercolor Pencils Every time I use this, I'm like a child. I can't help but be amazed like a kid on how amazing and mesmerizing a colored pencil can turn into watercolor after you add water.

My dear friend Ing surprised me with a package of goodies when she and her hubby came home for a vacation. I love the idea of handmade gifts and receiving it from a friend who loves the same thing makes me really happy.

Papa always comes home with interesting food finds like this purple corn.

Because Monggo day can be any day in our home, I served Munggo even if it's not Friday.


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