Thursday, June 08, 2017

Easy connectivity

Ever since we shifted to a wireless connection, we want all our devices (laptop, printer, die cutting machines, etc.) to have the same option. The convenience is unbelievable. That's why when hubby decided to buy himself a new guitar, he asked me if would it be possible to have the same experience when it comes to connecting his different music instruments. I said yes, we just need to have a usb audio interface at

Friday, June 02, 2017

Around Here

Hello there. Happy Friday everyone. Hoping that everything is OK wherever you are. As of this writing, Mindanao ( the southernmost major island in the Philippines) is currently under Martial Law. Praying for peace and safety for our armed forces and their families and all the civilians that are currently caught in the crossfire. 

My sister discovered Sarahshomeph by Mummy Mundo A little spray is more than enough to keep our house (two-storey) smell so good and the smell last longer. What's really nice about it is that my furkids are not allergic to it. In fact, the moment they see me turn on our room air conditioner and spray it on our bed, They immediately want to go inside and sleep. LOL. The big bottles we bought were almost half empty because of every day spraying. We are about to make another order when my sister told me that Sarahshomeph is having an Instagram giveaway. She encouraged me to join and I did. Honestly, I totally forgot about it and I was a bit confused at first when I saw a notification tagged from the owner and was taken aback to discover the good news. I'm one of the winners of her giveaway! Hurray! I immediately sent a private message for my shipping details, but when Powla (the sweet owner) found out that I'm living near the area where Retail Lab is located, She invited me to pick up the prize in person and I said yes. 

Powla and her supportive husband was really kind and sweet to me and even introduced me to Joy of Sassy's Creation a homegrown Philippine brand of women's apparel and accessories that are unique and trendy. It caters to both Sexy and curvy women. The Aztec Top she gave (which I gave to my mom) is super nice to wear. According to my mom, It hides her unnecessary bulges and the fabric feels soft and flowing. The design was simple but strikingly elegant. My mom wears it with shorts when she went to her doctor's appointment. The fabric is loose enough to keep my mom cool (It's summer season now in the Philippines) but it's also a bit thick to keep her warm in the doctor's waiting area. 

I've been watching a lot of cardmaking videos on YouTube and I noticed that most of them are using a dotting tool to score the papers and now I know why. The score lines are cleaner and look professional. Love it. 

One of my customers requested an angry doodle and boy, did I have a hard time figuring out how to draw it. It's easier to put a smile than to put those angry expressions. Even in real life, it is much better to smile than to be bitter and angry. 

Ever since we discovered Pizza Hut promo, We now have what we called Pizza night. Eating pizza with Mantis Shrimp and Red wine courtesy of my brother in law. 

Maybe this is just me or if anyone here has the same weird habit of keeping the packaging please raise your hands. :) I can't make myself throw this gorgeous and golden bubble wrap where my mini planner is packed. 

To me, Summer is not complete without me eating tons of Melons. I'm seriously addicted to it. Then I noticed my favorite fruit vendor also have Honeydew. I am embarrassed to admit that I never tried honeydew in my life until now and it's good. A lighter version of melon. 

Avocado is one of my favorite fruits to make into an ice cream, but finding a perfect green and creamy on the inside and free from ugly brown spots is hard. It frustrates me to no end. But when my mama requested that I make the avocados they brought home, I almost cry when I saw it. I can't stop myself from looking and I really have to take a photo and I was in awe when I found out that the avocados came from our backyard tree in the province.

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