Friday, November 03, 2017

Spanish Style Bangus by Eats Gourmet

People who are close to me or know me personally knows that I'm a picky eater when it comes to fish. I prefer to eat fish that doesn't smell and taste like fish and I'm literally scared of fishbone getting stuck in my throat. I used to eat all kinds of fish in my younger years but an accident happened and I was traumatized and developed Pnigophobia. No more fish for me with bones. My choices became limited but it's okay. I can live with that. 

One of my favorite fish is Bangus or Milkfish but we all know that the taste is divine but eating it is not as enjoyable as expected because it has tons of fishbones. A nightmare in the making for me that's why I'm really thankful to those people who makes a living from deboning and people like my sister's friend (who owns Eats Gourmet) that perfected the art of cooking this delectable fish. 


Let me count the reasons why I love her version among the rest
  • Visual Appeal. Seeing the bangus in chunks without the scaly skin is beyond amazing. I seriously, don't like the look of scale. It turns me off to the point of losing an appetite. 
  • No Fillers. A few slices of vegetables and that's it. The number doesn't even qualify as fillers. I honestly wasn't able to eat any of it when we opened this bottle. It was gone even before the bottle was handed over to me. 
  • Cook With Tons of Love. When you cook with love, everything turns out better and the receiving person can easily taste it with every bite. A meal that I can remember during trying times. 
  • Share A Bottle. It was so good that having it to yourself alone is kinda selfish. Sharing it is the way to go. A perfect gift to loved ones.  
  • No Fishy Aftertaste. No further explanation needed. 
  • Olive Oil Is Love. Adding it to the rice as a sauce then slicing the chunk of bangus into small pieces by a spoon and scooping it all together is what I called, heart stopping moment. Every bite is incredible and dreamy. Yeah, I'm describing a sardines.

Here's a thing, When a certain food is so good, the first thing I think about is adding it to a pasta. Pasta dishes are easy to make and the comfort you get from eating it is priceless. I imagine having it any time of the day with my family while having a nice conversation. :)


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