Thursday, March 08, 2018

Sean's Favorite Pasta

Browsing my Recipe Archive you will easily notice that I love to cook pasta using whatever is available in my pantry or in our refrigerator. The idea of giving another life to a leftover food by making a new dish with it is something I love to do. This dish was name after my nephew because he loves this so much. 

Leftover Longganisa
Leftover Tiger prawns
Olive oil
White Onion
Anatto Oil
Chili flakes
Salt, Sugar and Ground Pepper to taste

You can used whatever longganisa you have in stock. Just cooked it in water for a few minutes and when the water is about to evaporate add a bit of oil and let it cook together with its own fat. Slice into small pieces together with the prawns. 

For this recipe, I chopped 1 head of garlic and add it to the Anatto oil even before it sizzle. By doing this, the garlic flavor is slowly imparting its flavor to the oil and making the dish more delicious. I learned this trick from KusiNica "Dina Bonnevie's No-tipid Kare-kare" episode. 

I always boil my pasta in salty (not oily) water. I just add a tbsp or more. The salt is going to be absorb by the pasta as it cooks and adding extra flavor even before you toss it in its sauce.

I don't add oil (which I grow up knowing and doing it for awhile) because it's wrong. The oil doesn't prevent the pasta from sticking together (enough water does) instead it prevent the sauce from sticking to the pasta than can result to a swimming pasta in its own sauce. 

I also don't drained pasta and rinsed it with cold water. This is so wrong because when you do this, you are going to have a spoiled spaghetti even if you stored it in the refrigerator. What I do is, I cook the pasta and sauce side by side.When the pasta is cooked, instead of draining it, I scooped it and add it immediately to the sauce. adding a small amount of water while mixing it.

When all the sauce is absorb, I add additional oil (olive) to the pasta for additional flavor and texture.

Main ingredients were already cooked making it a boil-saute-mix together dish. Super easy to make and satisfying at the same time. 


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